Co-Taught Lessons: Virtual Field Trip Series

Go on a virtual field trip with your students and explore the the world with Google Earth! This is a 4 part series for grades K-12 and you can access each live lesson below.

Virtual Field Trip Part 4: Mozilla Hubs

Have the students join the slide deck below:

Join the slide deck

Co-Taught Lesson Schedule

Virtual Field Trip #1  - April 28

While Youtube may be a household name, not many people know about the immersive 360 degree field trips students can take. When combined with Google Forms students can engage in powerful, self-guided learning journeys when in the classroom or at home.

Virtual Field Trip #2 - May 5

Google Earth is cool. Google Earth Voyager is cooler. Students will engage with some exciting tours around the world during this workshop and even get a peak at how they can make their own!

Virtual Field Trip #3 - May 19

Perhaps the most powerful app, students will go on tours of museums around the world while also engaging with fun and educational games and adventures hidden inside Arts & Culture.

Virtual Field Trip #4 - May 26

Ready for something really cool? Mozilla Hubs is a free, 3D, virtual learning environment that allows students to design, construct and own their own learning spaces. These virtual spaces are collaborative, creative and incredibly engaging!

All sessions at 1-2 pm PT

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