We partner with schools and districts to design engaging learning experiences, develop leaders and build organizational capacity.

Co-design impactful learning for all. 

As the last two years have shown us anything, change is inevitable. The need for flexibility has never been higher. Gone are the days of one-size fits all PD, sitting through broad, surface level trainings that tell you rather than show and provide hands-on practice. 

At Designed for Learning, we partner with you to design professional learning that is based on a unique framework to support educators in growing their capacity and refining their practice to create meaningful learning experiences they’re confident in that deeply impact students and build future-ready learners. 

Our Unique PD Framework

Focused on Student Learning: Design and deliver deep learning experiences to build future ready skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, communication, self-awareness and more. 

Teacher Owned: Integrate Teachers’ voice in the PD design process and providing autonomy through differentiated support, multi-modal options, and content-specific training

Develop Knowledge of Content & Pedagogy: Shift the focus from growing educators’ isolated technology skills to equipping them with the knowledge to confidently implement technology enhanced learner centered instruction. 

Reflective: Reflect on experience and outcomes to assess progress towards successfully resolving challenges and achieving goals. 

Job Embedded: Grounded in day to day teaching practices and enhances content specific instructional practices.

Ongoing: Connected to a comprehensive school or district change process focused on improving student learning

When it comes to supporting adult learners or students our goal is the same: keep the learner at the center. Adult learners need choice, differentiated support, job-embedded training, and the confidence to model evidence based learning. 

Our approach is rooted in our unique Professional Development Framework that keeps all learners at the center…


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At Designed for Learning, we believe learning is a lifelong endeavor. We’re here to equip educators and district leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to create high-impact learning environments that are active, personalized, and innovative. Through our unique design approach, we partner with you to create short and long-term professional learning experiences to help all educators build necessary skills and embrace their strengths so they can teach, coach, or lead with more impact and intention.

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